Referral Information and Fees

To make an appointment or an initial inquiry, please contact me directly. A referral from a medical or other professional is not required.  All communications with me are kept confidential, although email security cannot be 100% guaranteed.

As COVID-19 restrictions have eased, I have been seeing an increasing number of clients in-person, although most appointments are still carried out via a telehealth platform or by telephone. Your preferences and other therapy issues are discussed during a preliminary phone conversation.  Note that at the time of this site update (March 1, 2023), my availability is limited.

My regular fee is well within the rate recommended by the B.C. Psychological Association. The fee is discussed beforehand and a fee reduction (sliding scale) can be considered for those on limited income.

Psychologists’ fees are not covered by the B.C. Medical Services Plan, but if you are covered by an extended health plan, some portion of the fee, up to a prescribed limit, may be reimbursable. Psychologists’ fees can also be used as a medical expense on your income tax return. I issue a receipt each session which can be submitted to an extended health plan or used for income tax.